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Lead-Times business area contains commerce in few foremost disciplines focusing on aluminum profiles extrusion, metal material, mechanical products and some electronics line of products. 

We carry our customers distinctive and standard purchase inquires by worldwide sourcing amid our own suppliers’ base and international connections. 

Our staff is identifying, visiting and auditing new manufacturers/suppliers production floor and participating on professional exhibitions around the world.

We operate at 24/7/365 mode to minimize Lead-Times and costs.


Call:  972.54.8085377   or by    eshelmali1

Office:  972.8.8699223            Fax: 972.8.8699225


Mechanic   Shelters   Electronics
Aluminum Extrude Profiles

Metal materials - Aluminum,

Stainless Steel, Titanium,

Kovar, Invar, Nickel, Tungsten,

Molybdenum, Copper, Brass, Bronze...

Sections - Pipe, Tube, Bar, Beam, Wire, Plat, Sheet, Strip, Foil, Coil...

Metal/Iron Casting & Forging

CNC and metal fabrication by client draw and files...

Hardware Fastners


Mobile Communication Shelters

Mobile Commander Vehicle

Starlight TV Radio

Broadcasting Vehicle

Ambulance & Emergency Vehicle

Cabinet & Rack

Vibration Isolator

Typical shelter hardware fastners


MIL Air Condition

Flex circuits PCB & PCBA

Electronics Components

Dead and slow IC stocks

IC Lab


Enter the part number
you are looking for:



Eshel Knafo Lead-Times Hagoren 20, Gedera 70700, Israel
Tell: 972.8.8699223    Fax: 972.8.8699225   Moblie: 972.54.8085377
E-Mail: eshel@lead-times.com     Skype: eshelmali1     www.lead-times.com

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